[CES 2013] One day, I have a feeling we’re going to look back at the design of headphones and earphones and think, “We actually used our ears to listen to music? Weird!!” as bone-conducting headphones seem to be in our future. Sure, you can probably get a better sound from actually using your ears, but we’re sure you have come across moments where you don’t want to dedicate your head holes to music and need to listen to your surroundings.


Panasonic is introducing this week at CES its new RP-BTGS10 wireless headphones, which are worn on your head and the play audio from your Bluetooth-enabled device straight into your cheekbones. The way it works is in the location of the headphones as audio travels from your skull, to your ossicles, to the cochlea and, finally, to your auditory nerve. Hopefully you took a course in physiology in high school, or that last sentence probably made absolutely no sense to you. Either way, just know the RP-BTGS10 work by using the bones in your head to send audio to your ears, leaving your actual ear holes open to be aware of your surroundings.

Panasonic’s RP-BTGS10 will be available this fall, although no price was given at the time they were announced.

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