When your power goes out, one of the last things you want to be doing is fumbling around your home looking for a flashlight. Then, once you find one, having to fish around your drawer full of crap to find batteries that can be used for it, most likely somewhere in the AA or AAA variety. If you don’t have the right battery, you’ll be sitting in the dark, unless you have a new emergency flashlight from Panasonic that can use any battery you throw at it.

Panasonic’s Emergency Flashlight can use a combination of AAA, AA, C or D-sized batteries to help you through emergencies or to supply light for an impromptu backyard session of beer pong.

To keep the flashlight’s cost low, Panasonic isn’t making it possible to use all of the batteries at the same time, instead allowing you to use the flashlight to house multiple batteries and choosing which ones you’d like to use. Even though we’d like to see the flashlight use every battery possible all at once, Panasonic is promising 86 hours of use when all battery slots are filled.

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