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New Lithium Battery Can Store Five Times The Energy Of Current Batteries
Battery technology has come a long way and even though the batteries in our mobile devices are bigger and better than they have ever been before, they’re still not enough, and that’s because there’s an abundance of apps and services that require a significant amount of juice to run. Perhaps a new kind of lithium battery would suffice, one that’s actually capable of storing five times the energy of existing […]

Li/S Batteries Gain Double The Capacity Of Li-ion Batteries
One of the modern “problems” that mobile devices suffer from is this – the lack of battery power, or rather, a capacity that is not enough to get the job done throughout a busy day. Sure, scientists have worked hard to make sure that the popular li-ion battery has made some gains in its performance, capacity and charge times, but here we are with the possibility of a new breakthrough […]

3D-Printed Batteries May Come Sooner Than You Think
3D printing has certainly taken off over the past couple of years as we’ve seen some amazing products created only using 3D printing. As impressed as we’ve been in the past over 3D printed goods, being able to 3D print batteries has just completely blown our minds.In the past, 3D printing batteries has caused way too many issues to actually be implemented, but new inks and tools are now making […]

This Battery Charger Gives Control Over Batteries Using Your Smartphone
There’s nothing quite like owning a gadget that has its own rechargeable battery, which makes charging it much easier as all you’ll need to do is plug in its charger while sitting back and enjoying the good life. We know there are those of you who prefer to taking recharging into your own hands as rechargeable batteries are much easier to replace than your gadget that includes its own rechargeable […]


Newly Developed Microbatteries Can Recharge Phones Instantly
When you consider how much we rely on our mobile devices and what they’re capable of, it’s kind of silly to think we need to continually have them charging in order to get the most use out of them later. But what if you could plug in a smartphone battery when it’s completely dead, to have it fully charged in less than a second? That’s what is currently being developed […]

Airbus Switching To Conventional Nickel-Cadmium Batteries In The A350
Airbus is making plans to drop lithium-ion batteries from its upcoming A350 planes. The Wall Street journal reports that Airbus is taking the decision so that deliveries of the A350 are not delayed due to regulations over the lithium-ion batteries.Lithium-ion batteries have previously caused Boeing’s Dreamliner planes to be grounded after two instances of burning aboard the planes.  Questions have also been raised regarding safety standards of batteries especially sincethe cause […]

Panasonic's Emergency Flashlight Lets You Use Any Kind Of Battery
When your power goes out, one of the last things you want to be doing is fumbling around your home looking for a flashlight. Then, once you find one, having to fish around your drawer full of crap to find batteries that can be used for it, most likely somewhere in the AA or AAA variety. If you don’t have the right battery, you’ll be sitting in the dark, unless […]

IBM develops air-breathing batteries, aims for 500 miles on a single charge
An air-breathing battery that can power cars for more than 500 miles on a single charge. Quite unreal isn’t it? But that’s exactly what IBM is trying to achieve. In 2009, IBM embarked on a quest dubbed as the “Battery 500 Project”. Essentially, the project’s main objective is to develop a new kind of battery that will be enough to operate a car for half a thousand miles. And the […]

Scientists come up with a flexible battery that can be woven into clothes
While there are t-shirts that incorporate the use of batteries to light up the design, they can hardly be described as convenient. After all, having a battery pack strapped to the inside of your shirt can’t be all that comfortable, right? Well scientists from the Polytechnic School of Montreal have reportedly come up with a flexible battery that can not only be woven into fabric, but is apparently the first […]

earthCell: batteries that are good for the environment
Batteries are useful products that keep our lives running, but one of the main problems that we encounter while using them is their disposal. Most people simply toss batteries in to the trash, which then ends up filling up our landfills all over the country. Well, some folks want to make a change with a project called earthCell.

New li-ion battery reportedly charges as fast as it takes to refuel your car
One of the reasons people aren’t as willing to adopt electric vehicles (EV), is probably due to its power output isn’t up to par with most fuel-powered cars, unless of course you go for a Tesla S EV, which is incredibly expensive and probably not for everyone. The fact that you only have a limited driving range before requiring another charge is a hassle that many car owners can do […]

Scientists discover new material to make li-ion batteries charge faster
If you’ve ever felt that your devices take too long to charge, but yet seem to drain battery quicker than you can use it, a team of scientists from the Department of Energy lab’s Chemical Sciences Division have recently discovered a material which they are claiming can increase the surface area and significantly improve the charge-discharge time for Li-Ion (Li-ion) batteries.

Quick charge battery juices up to full capacity in just 5 minutes
A battery is a battery is a battery, but how different is this one that was concocted by Illinois professor Paul Braun? Well, Braun and his group has managed to develop a 3D nanostructure for battery cathodes which paves the way for super fast charging as well as discharging – doing so without sacrificing energy storage capacity. Apart from this interesting attribute, the batteries are also more than able to […]

Bendable batteries in the pipeline?
Boffins from South Korea have managed to find a way to use graphene nanosheets in order to create a power source that can bend – now how about that? Could this mean Gumby-style batteries are on their way? Perhaps, and it would certainly be interesting to have, although until hardware itself becomes bendable, then things might still be a wee bit tricky since a bendable battery won’t find much use. […]

Huge batteries offer New York grid added stability
Lithium ion batteries look set to be no longer the domain of notebooks and other portable electronics in the near future – in fact, a bunch of truck-size battery banks are currently delivering quick bursts of juice to the electricity grid in upstate New York. This is made possible thanks to AES Energy Storage, a subsidiary of power generation company AES, touted that their first 8 megawatts of a planned […]

Small Vibration-driven Generator Could Replace Button Batteries
A Japanese university researcher has come up with a small vibration-powered generator that measures in at 2 x 3 x 12mm only and is capable of churning out 1.56mW of power with a vibration of 357Hz. According to him, the energy density is high enough to replace a button battery. The energy density of this generator is about 22mW/cm3, which is roughly 20 times higher than the energy density of […]

Batteries powered by potatoes
We are not going to look at our french fries the same way ever again, not after reading about Yissum Research Development Company Ltd. coming up with a “solid organic electric battery based upon treated potatoes.” Basically, this is a potato-powered battery, where it offers an immediate inexpensive solution to electricity needs in various locations around the world that lack electrical infrastructure. It seems that the enhanced salt bridge capability […]

Hungry Batteries concept slim down as they get drained
Designer Mac Funamizu has come up with a rather strange concept – the Hungry Batteries that will come in a traditional form factor, although they will physically end up slimmer and slimmer the less charge they hold. Basically, this is a visual aid that indicates it is time for a recharge, although we think it might be cheaper to just include one of those strips that can tell how much […]

Jump To Charge Your Batteries
This 3C Rope Skipping concept seems to be a similar concept to the Jump Light that we mentioned to you a few days ago, but instead of powering a flash light, it’ll allow you to recharge your rechargeable batteries when you use the jump rope. That power can also be used to show the amount of complete rotations, the potential amount of calories you’ve burned, and also a stop watch, […]