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Teen Creates Flashlight Powered By Human Hand’s Heat
A flashlight powered by just a human hand's heat alone sounds impossible...not!

Flashlight Turns Itself On During An Earthquake
Living on a piece of land that is right smack along a fault line is definitely a courageous thing to do – as you can never quite tell just when the earth is about to shift its fault line(s), causing a massive earthquake along the way. Folks in Japan should be used to earthquakes by now, as one needs to live in constant vigilance where disaster preparedness is concerned. Having […]

Panasonic's Emergency Flashlight Lets You Use Any Kind Of Battery
When your power goes out, one of the last things you want to be doing is fumbling around your home looking for a flashlight. Then, once you find one, having to fish around your drawer full of crap to find batteries that can be used for it, most likely somewhere in the AA or AAA variety. If you don’t have the right battery, you’ll be sitting in the dark, unless […]

TerraLUX InfiniStar CR rechargeable LED flashlight can be upgraded
“Excuse me, but I need to upgrade my flashlight, so which parts do you recommend for a better performance?” is not a question that most people would ask – as most folks would just go to a store and get a better-equipped flashlight. Not so with TerraLUX’s InfiniStar CR rechargeable LED flashlight, which boasts the distinction of being the world’s first completely upgradeable flashlight. This makes perfect sense, as it […]


Emergency situation flashlight concept is practical
Flashlights are designed to illuminate our paths, which is the most basic of its functions. There are a few flashlights out there that attempt to play more than one role, but perhaps this emergency situation flashlight concept by Junwon Yang is the most straightforward and practical flashlight we’ve seen.

ACOUZTIC flashlight keeps you entertained and safe on your bicycle
Cycling is a fun sport, but it can sometimes get a bit boring especially when you’re doing it all by yourself. Music can help solve that problem, but listening to music on earphones can be dangerous – you fail to hear other ambient road noises, incoming traffic, and your spatial awareness is reduced. Xceon recognizes this problem and has introduced the ACOUZTIC: a flashlight with MP3 player.

Rayovac brings indestructible torchlight on a nationwide tour
Rayovac has just announced a nationwide tour where they will be showing off their new torchlight. Called the Indstructible Tour, Rayovac will be hitting different states around the US and showing off just how indestructible their torch light is. The Indestructible light has a body made from aluminum and titanium, and pack a set of LED lights with a brightness of 100-150 lumens. The torchlight is built to withstand 30-foot […]

Maglite XL100 flashlight has motion sensing controls
Don’t you just hate it whenever you have to fumble around in the dark just to adjust the brightness of a flashlight you’re holding? Especially when there are no other light sources around you and it’s impossible to read what the dials say. Well the folks over at Maglite have come up with a solution to the problem. Their new LED flashlight, the XL 100 packs a motion sensor that […]

Striker Light Mine Professional helps you work in tight and dark spaces
For those who are being summoned by the missus every once in a while to fix something in the house that has plenty of nooks and crannies, you might want to think of a lighting solution that is far more efficient than biting on the metal end of a flashlight while your fingers concentrate on the task at hand. Enter the Striker Light Mine Professional that would also add a […]

Concept: Emergency Flashlight Concept Focuses On Safety
The Emergency Flashlight concept looks like it will be fairly useful in the event that the lights go out in a building. It’s a simple flashlight tube that can be split into two and is connected by a florescent rope. When split, the two tubes function as independent flashlights while the rope between the two is used as a safety guide, allowing younger kids to hold on to it and follow […]

Richard Solo offers flashlight and laser pointer in one device
Richard Solo is back with a brand new backup battery for your iPhone 3G/3GS or iPod touch, where this one not only offers a lifeline when you are in the middle of nowhere, it also sports a flashlight for you to find your way around at night as well as a laser pointer just in case you want to make a presentation in the middle of nowhere (or target an […]

Flashlight LED Spy Camcorder
Spy cameras never seem to grow old, and we’ve seen spy cams crammed into flashlights before, but this Flashlight LED & Spy Camcorder seems to have done a good job of cramming the camera into a pocket-friendly size device. With this, you can always have a handy flashlight around with you, and when you decide that James Bond needs an assistant, you’re good to go. This device, capable of recording […]

Stanley Wrist Watch With LED Flashlight
Would you want a huge, impractical, but useful gigantic wrist watch on your wrist? The folks who conceived the idea of this Stanley wrist watch certainly think you’d want something like it. The most noticeable feature of this $58 watch is obviously its LED flashlight. We’re sure the flashlight will be handy in many situations, but whether you’d want it to be strapped to your wrist all the time is […]

LED Light Spy Camera
Who would have thought that your regular LED-powered flashlight could actually double up as a spy camera? The camera module is located right smack in the middle of the LED flashlight, although we’re not too sure what kind of movie quality you end up with when the flashlight is shining brighter than the star which shone above Bethlehem 2,000 years ago. Given specifications include the ability to shoot videos in […]

Lightsaber Flashlight
Is it just us, or do you also think that these Lightsaber Flashlights are just the coolest thing on earth after sliced bread? This replica of Darth Vader’s weapon of choice won’t be able to disable any Jedi upstart or sever limbs, but it does give an eerie red glow to help you find our way around thanks to a quartet of LEDs. Powered by a trio of AAA batteries […]

Light For Life Now Available
5.11 Tactical, the name behind clothes and gear used by law enforcement officers and yet are made available to civilians has released a brand new flashlight known as Light for Life. This device comes with a trio of LEDs for backup, but its main selling point would be the Flashpoint Power technology – basically an ultracapacitor energy storage system from Ivus Energy Innovations. This means it requires a mere 90 […]