Just the other day we reported that RIM’s recent Blackberry 10 app port-a-thon managed to net about 15,000 apps in just under two days. While all those submitted apps may or may not be approved, that’s certainly a large number of apps that RIM will be able to choose form and add it to the Blackberry 10 app store. Now it looks like the Canadian company is going for round two and has announced the “Last Chance Port-A-Thon” event which will be taking place on the 18th of January 2013. It will kick off at noon ET, run for 36 hours, and similar to the previous event, RIM will be paying out $100 for every app that is approved with a maximum of 20 apps per developer, and developers who submit at least five apps will be eligible for a chance to win a Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha device. Of course with Blackberry 10 officially launching on the 30th of January, personally I think that a prize of an actual Blackberry 10 finish product would certainly be a lot more appealing, but to each their own! We wonder how many apps RIM will manage to get this time and if they will be able to surpass their goal of 70,000 apps on launch day.


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