You know something? The Angry Birds franchise from Rovio is truly a phenomenal force to be reckoned with. After all, it has made an appearance across all major mobile operating system platforms, and we even heard earlier this morning that Angry Birds Star Wars too, will be making its way to the BlackBerry 10 platform that is set to be announced later today in a New York City event. Having said that, how about playing on the green side, that of the piggies? Bad Piggies, as it has been called, will soon be on the receiving end of an update. We do wonder, though, whether there is as much mileage for Bad Piggies as compared to the Angry Birds franchise, and I guess that only time will tell.

Bad Piggies’ upcoming update, Road Hog, was teased in a Twitter update from Rovio, where the image shown depicted a porcine racer who is more than happy to wave a checkered flag, while the words “Coming Soon” trail right behind. Could it be some sort of karting title? Doubtful, as it will most probably require more brains than brawn to win all the levels in the physics-based puzzler. Hopefully, it should be enough to keep you occupied, at least until the next update.

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