[CES 2013] No matter how much we tell you Sony’s PS Vita is great, we still feel it’s at a price point not too many people are comfortable spending on a dedicated handheld gaming device. No matter how advanced the PS Vita is, there aren’t many people willing to spend over $250 for it when they can buy an actual home console or an Android tablet for that price. Even after reaching one million sales in Japan this past October, the PS Vita still isn’t selling as great as Sony would like, which their CEO Kaz Hirai commented on this week at CES.

During an interview with the WSJ, Kaz was asked about the PS Vita, specifically how its sales were. Kaz responded by saying “I would say it’s on the low end of what we expected,” although he did go on to say holiday sales were “pretty much” in line with expectations.

He went on to say it takes 5-10 years before he can determine whether a product was successful. Kaz recalled when he was asked similar questions of the PlayStation 3 after it was released, and now, he considers it a success.

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