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Yes, we do know that T-Mobile will finally jump on board the iPhone bandwagon after all these years of losing out on subscribers who are bent towards Apple’s smartphone, but as the adage goes – better late than never, right? T-Mobile CEO John Legere shared with Reuters that the company he leads will finally begin to sell the iPhone in “approximately three to four months” time, and they are also targeting a similar time frame to make the transition to Value Plans, while signaling the end of subsidized handsets.

John Legere was wise to remain mum on the specifics behind T-Mobile’s deal with Apple, as you would not want to upset the apple cart (pun intended) at such a delicate moment. Basically, he reiterated the fact that T-Mobile will sell the phone “sooner rather than later”, and I am quite sure that consumers who hear this would take it as music to their ears. If your T-Mobile contract is about to be up in four months’ time, would you consider picking up an iPhone then?

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