Smartphones can control a large number of things these days with the proper app. We have applications that can help us change the channel on our TV and even automate our home, but we want control over everything around us. We know that’s not possible, but Tethercell is making it possible to have complete control over anything powered by a AA battery.


The way Tethercell works is through is a Bluetooth-enabled adapter for your battery that allows you to completely control the device through a smartphone application. From the application, you can turn the battery-powered device off, on, view how much charge it has left, as well as set timers to automatically turn on or off your device.

If you have a device that requires more than one batter, let’s say, and Xbox 360 controller, you’ll only need one Tethercell adapter to control it, which will probably save you the extra money you probably thought you’d have to spend to buy additional adapters.

Tethercell is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo of $59,000. There are a number of perks you can receive if you decide to support the project, so if you feel this is something you could use in your life, feel free to open your wallets and help fund them.

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