[CES 2013] Here we are at CES Unveiled, and the excitement of another year of consumer electronics goodies hitting the general market has not lost its buzz. The Tobii REX is definitely worth a place in our news archives, as it has been unveiled, and touted to be the world’s first gaze interaction computer peripheral for the consumer market. The entire user experience is redefined by the power of Tobii Gaze, which is a revolutionary and award-winning eye-tracking-based interface that was introduced in 2012, where users are able to control the computer simply by using their eye gaze alongside other controls like touch, mouse and keyboard.

Tobii REX is now accessible for software developers, while consumers should be able to take a closer look at it when fall of this year arrives. The Tobii REX basically functions as another computer peripheral device which will introduce Tobii Gaze features to any Windows 8-powered machine. The Tobii REX will stick easily to the bottom of any desktop computer screen, where it is then plugged into a computer via USB. Approximately 5,000 Tobii REX units will be up for sale this coming fall, so if you are interested, you might want to sign up to receive a Tobii REX VIP preorder invitation.

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