Tobii has been teasing its ability to track a users’ eye movements in order to use their computer for quite some time, but it has yet to make its device available to the general public. This is about to change as the company is announcing it will be selling its REX device to developers starting next week and will be made widely available in the second half of 2013.

“This is a natural step for us. We have been working on products for niche markets for many years, but the ultimate goal has always been to develop our technology so it can be added to any computer, and a peripheral is the easiest way to do that,” said Sara Hyléen, marketing director at Tobii.

The REX will be a peripheral that will attach itself to the computer’s display and keeps track of the user’s eye movements with two specially built optical sensors. At CES next week, Tobii will be demonstrating its technology as we’ll be able to see users select, scroll, zoom and navigate their computer simply by using their eyes.

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