When it comes to air conditioners, there are some which, when serviced well and at regular intervals, work as though they were brand new. Other air conditioners, despite receiving the same kind of meticulous care and attention, start to rattle as though one was sitting in a horse-drawn carriage that is making its rounds through them ancient Roman cobblestone roads. Well, LG intends to make sure that they remain at the top of your shopping list when it comes to air conditioning systems with a new tech-savvy cooling system. In fact, this Whisen unit from LG is said to be able to receive and act out voice commands from as far as 16 feet away, meaning the age of Tony Stark’s JARVIS or Judge Dredd’s motorcycle and gun is upon us soon.

Imagine speaking out commands without having to leave the comfort of your favorite sofa or chair, now how about that? Lost the remote? No worries, just speak to the Whisen and feel it get to work. You can even opt to tap an NFC-capable smartphone such as the LG Optimus G on a pre-programmed NFC tag, and the LG Whisen App 3.0 will adjust the temperature automatically, too. With an integrated camera for remote viewing purposes, your air conditioner also works as another security point for your home. [Press Release (Translated)]

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