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Chevrolet Has Made A Tiny AC Just For Your Smartphone
Gone are the days when air conditioning was just meant for humans, Chevrolet is changing the notion with its latest add-on, which is a small AC for your “smartphone”. This new feature is named as “Active Phone Cooling system”, which is aimed at cooling down the heated smartphone battery.

Make Your AC Smart With Sensibo
We live in an age where it’s increasingly important for all of our things to be “smart.” From smartglasses to smartwatches, the idea is that almost everything we use should be internet-connected and much more efficient than it has ever been. A nifty little device called Sensibo is on a mission to make air conditioners smart. Its compatible with any AC that works with a remote control and since it uses 3M: […]

Mitsubishi's $3500 Air Conditioner Uses Infrared To Cool You Down
Summer is nearly behind us here in the northern hemisphere on this planet we call earth, which means we’ll soon be using our air conditioners for one last time prior to switching to heaters in order to survive the blistering cold we’ll soon be experiencing. After seeing Mitsubishi’s upcoming air conditioner, we can’t wait for summer to make its triumphant return.

Whisper Quiet Air Conditioning From LG
When it comes to air conditioners, there are some which, when serviced well and at regular intervals, work as though they were brand new. Other air conditioners, despite receiving the same kind of meticulous care and attention, start to rattle as though one was sitting in a horse-drawn carriage that is making its rounds through them ancient Roman cobblestone roads. Well, LG intends to make sure that they remain at […]


Toshiba introduces voice-controlled air conditioners in Japan
Toshiba has just announced a whole line up of new air conditioners that will be released over this year and the next. And if you’re wondering why we’re writing about air conditioners, it’s because they’ve got features to stand out from the crowd: these new Toshiba Air Conditioners will have a voice controller that’s capable of recognizing up to 26 words. Yes that’s right, voice control.Imagine not having to hunt […]

Air conditioner thieves make life miserable for Texans
As if the intense heat wave and drought over in the sunny state of Texas wasn’t enough for its citizens to deal with, it looks like the state has to deal with yet another menace – air conditioner thieves. It’s been reported that there has been an increase in the number of air conditioner thefts this summer, and while it may sound like nothing more than a terrible prank, it’s […]

Solar-powered air conditioner debuts in China
At long last, the day which we never thought would have arrived – we’re talking about the solar-powered air conditioner that has made a splash at the (where else) 2010 World Solar-Powered Air Conditioning Development Forum, China. Shandong Vicot Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. was first off the blocks worldwide to release a directly solar-powered air conditioning unit, and we do hope that this would change the way the world works. […]

Air conditioner hacked, is network enabled
For those living in the northern hemisphere, things can get pretty hot and sweaty during summer. This is where the magic of air conditioners come in, giving you a nice, cool feeling despite the sweltering heat on the outside. This window air conditioner was hacked to feature network connectivity, where it will be connected via a CAT5 cable (not seen here as it has been cleverly stashed away), extending the […]

DIY air conditioner saves you some dough
Summer is here for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, and it does get pretty hot out there during the afternoons. For those who have yet to purchase an air conditioning unit but always wanted one, how about putting those two hands to good use by building one yourself? Of course, it will be nowhere near an real AC unit where cooling power is concerned, but the raw […]

LG F-Q232LASS Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner
LG has announced Korea’s first eco-friendly residential hybrid air conditioner, the F-Q232LASS. This device doesn’t solely rely on your electrical outlet to get its juice, rather it’s partially powered by solar energy gathered through the solar cell module attached to the top of the outdoor unit. According to the company, not only does this air conditioner help you skimp on your electricity bill, it’s also environmentally friendly , as it […]

Evening Breeze beds helps you cool down during those hot nights
Getting a good night’s rest often involves making sure the temperature is right, which is where a heater comes in handy for those winter wonderland moments, while an air conditioner is perfect when the night is hot and humid. The Evening Breeze range of beds go the extra mile by featuring bed posts and canopies that have their very own ventilation systems, pulling air from under your bed while cooling […]