If, for some reason, you’re stuck on using an old Windows OS, then you might want to take action before January ends. That’s because, as reported two weeks ago, the nifty $40 upgrade promotional offering will be ending tomorrow, January 31st. Beyond that date, the upgrade price will climb higher to $200. But students, however, are getting a special treatment from Microsoft beginning February 1st. Microsoft has announced today that the Windows 8 Pro upgrade edition will be available for students online via the Microsoft Store for $69.99.


Yes, for students, upgrading to Windows 8 won’t cost you $200. You’ll have to fork around $70, a bit higher than what Microsoft is initially offering, but it’s a lot better than $200. Students in the U.S. will get the early treat on February 1st, while the rest of the world will be able enjoy the offer by March 19th. If you’re curious, check out the release dates here. Please do note that in order to qualify, students will need to have a valid e-mail address through a qualifying education institution. You’ll also need a PC that is currently running a genuine copy of Windows XP (XP3), Windows Vista or Windows 7.

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