[CES 2013] It is no fun if you are the king of the hill with no competition in sight, as this means there is no need to innovate further to evolve beyond the reach of the competition, simply because there are none to worry about in the first place. Not so with the Withings Smart Activity Tracker though, as it definitely has the Fitbit Ultra in its crosshair, where this unique device comes with an OLED touchscreen display that is capable of uploading your health information to the Withings Health Mate app via Bluetooth Smart connectivity, after taking into account your pulse, calorie consumption and sleep quality when you place your finger at the back of the device. In fact, Withings claim that their diminutive Smart Activity Tracker is capable of lasting the entire fortnight without requiring a recharge, now how about that? You might want to pen it down on your calendar though as a fortnightly reminder.

Measuring less than an inch in width and half an inch in height, the Withings Smart Activity Tracker is a surefire fingerprint magnet thanks to the piano-black glossy looking plastic that it comes in, and shares the approximate thickness of the microUSB port that it will plug into. Something tells me that those who pick up this puppy might actually lose it all too easily, considering the super small dimensions and near non-existent weight. No idea on how much the Withings Smart Activity Tracker will cost, but it ought to arrive at the end of March this year. As for its main rival, the Fitbit One, that will retail for $99, so perhaps the Smart Activity Tracker would not venture too far off from a similar price point.

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