Today at IFA 2023, Withings launched the ScanWatch 2, its flagship hybrid smartwatch, alongside the ScanWatch Light, its more affordable variant.

The successor of the Withings ScanWatch, the ScanWatch 2 is an elegant timepiece that doubles as a modern health and fitness tracker. Withings is known for its hybrid smartwatch line, which cleverly combines a digital display with a traditional mechanical watch design, resulting in significantly prolonged battery autonomy.

Samsung recently released the Galaxy Watch 6. Although it offers many more communication and entertainment features than the ScanWatch Series, the disappointing 1-day battery life makes it challenging to get the full benefits from the health monitoring functions.

With the ScanWatch lineup, Withings aims at providing “an elegant alternative to strapping a mini smartphone to the wrist” for people who hate the look of typical health trackers and resent receiving a constant stream of notifications on their wrist.

What’s new in ScanWatch 2 vs. ScanWatch gen 1?

The ScanWatch gen 1 is FDA-approved for detecting atrial fibrillation through ECG, as well as for measuring oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2) from the wrist.  This device also offers various wellness features, including sleep quality tracking, monitoring physical activity, and tracking a wide array of cardiovascular metrics.

With the ScanWatch 2, Withings pushed the envelope of continuous health tracking by adding sensors and software that are optimized to monitor new health metrics. Among its expanded capabilities are the ability to track variations in baseline body temperature, monitor the female cycle, assess heart rate variability, and automatically detect 40+ activities.

More sensors for 24/7 health monitoring with 30-Day battery life

Despite incorporating new continuous 24/7 health tracking sensors, the ScanWatch 2 maintains its industry-leading battery life of 30 days. In addition to the HealthSense OS upgrade, Withings asserts that its improved TempTech24/7 module. technology significantly enhances temperature monitoring accuracy, surpassing existing market solutions for wearables.

The upgraded MultiWave PPG Sensor, with 4 wavelengths and 16 PPG channels, improves the precision of arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) measurement. Noteworthy is the integration of the High Dynamic Range Accelerometer, now equipped with extra directional sensors, enhancing the ScanWatch 2’s capability to accurately detect a wider spectrum of activities, workouts, and sports.

By optimizing PowerSense Pro, the HealthSense OS component determining optimal health stats recording times, Withings has effectively enhanced the ScanWatch 2’s power efficiency. Moreover, the system intelligently identifies when the watch is not worn, automatically ceasing monitoring to extend battery life.

Enhanced body temperature tracking

Withings introduces a new method for body temperature tracking using TempTech24/7 module technology. This involves integrating an innovative miniaturized heat flux sensor (measuring energy transit) with a high-accuracy temperature sensor (measuring ambient & skin temperature) alongside heart rate and accelerometer calibrations.

According to the company, the result is a top-notch assessment of body temperature variations. ScanWatch 2 provides insights into day and night temperature fluctuations, potentially signaling the early stages of illness or health issues. Moreover, it enhances the management of performance and recovery by identifying temperature variation zones during workouts.

Female menstrual cycle monitoring

Like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 also exhibited at IFA, the new lineup of Scanwatch provides the ability to track the female menstrual cycle. The latest models allow users to manually log their menstrual cycle stages directly on the watch or via the Withings App. The device will then use this data to predict future period dates helping users define personal routines for their monthly needs and optimize sleep, activity, and nutrition accordingly.

ScanWatch Light

ScanWatch Light is the budget-friendly option in the lineup, that offers enhanced and continuous daily health tracking. Like ScanWatch 2, it covers heart health, activity, cycle, and sleep. Equipped with HealthSense technology, it’s optimized for 24/7 monitoring, spanning up to 30 days.

Health as a priority

Unlike most smartwatches on the market, Withings watches primarily focus on health and wellness. The Withings app offers a unique 360-degree health hub with advanced measurements, health assessments, actionable insights, expert content, and customizable health reports sharable with doctors, including menstrual cycle information.

The extraordinary new ScanWatch are timepieces that represent a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless design, setting a new standard for health monitoring and style. With an even greater ability to continuously track advanced health metrics that were once only available in a clinical setting, we are empowering people to make better health part of their daily lives,” said Eric Carreel, founder and President of Withings.

Price and Availability

ScanWatch 2 (38 & 42 mm) can now be pre-ordered on Aaa’s website at $349.95. Variants include Silver Black (42mm), Silver White (38mm), Silver Black (38mm), and Rose Gold Sand Face (38mm), followed by Silver White Face (42mm) and Rose Gold Blue Face (38mm).

Pre-orders for the ScanWatch Light 37mm are priced at $249.95, featuring silver black, silver white, and rose gold sand faces, with light blue and light green faces coming later. Both models will be widely accessible through select retailers starting on a specific date. Equipped with OLED grayscale displays, they also offer optional colored wristbands.

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