We’re counting down the days until E3 to possibly learn more about the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but did you ever consider just how much the new consoles may cost as they promise to deliver next-gen gaming experiences? We saw how the gaming community wasn’t “pleasantly surprised” by the price point of the Wii U, and Nintendo’s console isn’t any more powerful than the Xbox 360 or the PS3. So how much should we expect the next PlayStation and Xbox to cost?

Baird Equity Research spent their time at CES last week meeting “with a number of companies involved in video game development and distribution,” and they’re suggesting both consoles should retail around $350 – $400. That price point will seem familiar for Xbox 360 owners as it launched at $399 for its 20GB model back in 2005, but PlayStation 3 owners will be pleased by that price range as their console went on sale for $599 in 2006.

We’re sure both Microsoft and Sony saw how gamers reacted to the Wii U’s price point of $299 and $349 for its consoles. We’re hopeful both companies will try their best to keep the price point of their next-generation consoles low.

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