When it comes to writing a resume, being creative is said to work – most of the time, anyways. The more creative, the better, and in this day and age, there are so many ways to make full use of technology in order to increase the chances of your resume being spotted. Having said that, someone actually went out of the way to send in a 3D printed head that comes with the slogan “Tiny Head, Big Ideas” as a resume from a certain Floyd Hayes, hoping that a model of his head to prospective employers will be able to capture the attention of his future employers.

This ain’t too shabby an idea, especially when you consider what kind of economic climate that we live in, and jobs are more or less pretty scarce to come by. It makes sense for Hayes to think out of the box, after all, he hailed from the agency Cunning London, specializing in non-traditional advertising. What do you think of this particular idea? Will we see a rush in 3D printed bust resumes now?

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