Folks enjoying Angry Birds Star Wars on the Android platform have had their fair share of new levels to play with in the past, but for Windows Phone 8 users, they had to be a whole lot more patient. Well, we are glad to announce that at long last, the Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth update is now available for everyone who totes a Windows Phone 8 device. The first release of Angry Birds Star Wars saw Tatooine, the Death Star, and the Jedi Trials on Dagobah on the majority of platforms out there, and while the Hoth update arrived elsewhere last year, Windows Phone 8 users had to wait for nearly two-and-a-half months.


Good thing this update will merge the two previous Hoth releases, meaning you get to enjoy a grand total of 40 new levels, in addition to some bonus levels, but unfortunately, the Hoth levels arrive locked by default, meaning you will need to replay the Tatooine and Death Star worlds if you had deleted the game beforehand. You know what they say – angry birds of a feather smash together…

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