When it comes to dedicated e-book readers, there are a few players in the market that come to mind, and Barnes & Noble would definitely be one of them. Having said that, one ought to realize by now that e-book readers are not exactly high on most folks’ shopping lists, as they would more or less prefer to settle for something like a tablet which does so much more, although a tablet’s display as opposed to an e-book reader will not be that conducive for reading for long periods of time.

There have been reports going around that Barnes & Noble might just decide to “move away” from the Nook hardware, and instead, redirect their focus on other parts of its business at least according to the New York Times. After all, the Nook division of Barnes & Noble has not been printing money all this while, and from the shareholder’s perspective, cutting your losses makes a whole lot more sense. What do you think of the situation, and do you own an e-book reader?

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