Barnes & Noble tried its hand at making e-readers but its line of products wasn’t as successful as the Kindle for example, forcing the company to discontinue the Nook and Nook HD+, and then partnering with Samsung to create new Nooks which are essentially Samsung tablets with custom B&N software. The Nook GlowLight is one of the company’s own e-readers which was first released about two years back and today B&N has finally released an updated version which also happens to be its first ever waterproof e-reader.

Barnes & Noble says that the Nook GlowLight Plus has an aluminum body that’s thinner than the original e-reader but happens to be slightly heavier. It has a 300ppi display which the company claims has double the pixels of its predecessor. There’s a glare-free screen and adjustable ambient lighting which enables readers to enjoy evenly dispersed light so that they can continue reading in low light or even in total darkness without causing significant eye strain.

GlowLight Plus is also waterproof, this is the first such product from the company, and what this means is that those who purchase one will now be able to read their favorite books whether they’re in the tub or the pool without having to worry about causing water damage to the device.

Those who are interested to pick one up can now do so online and through Barnes & Noble stores, it’s selling the GlowLight Plus for $129.99.

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