The folks over at Facebook do seem to be involved in some sort of interesting human interactions lately, as we did cover the story on how police used Facebook to inform the tragic news of a son’s death to his mother. Having said that, this time around we have an egg fall flat on Facebook’s proverbial face, as a 104-year old Michigan grandmother, Marguerite Joseph, was unable to input her birthday due to an over age restriction.

Facebook has since stepped forward to issue an apology to this grandmother, as Marguerite needed to lie about her age when it comes to jumping aboard the social network bandwagon. An interview with Local 4 saw Marguerite Joseph’s granddaughter mention that Facebook did not allow her grandmother to list her actual age, as Facebook would change the birth year of 1908 to 1928. Guess she remained forever young at 99 on Facebook for the past two years, and Facebook spokesperson Andrew Noyes did mention, “We are working on a fix for this and we apologize for the inconvenience.”

Better late than never, no?

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