If you happen to own the Sony PS3, then get this – fans of the Final Fantasy series will be pleased to hear that the beta of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is now available, and Square Enix, in a way, has said that they will not be sparing any expense in delivering the most memorable elements of the series into A Realm Reborn. There will definitely be subsequent patches of the title, where the Square Enix team intends to throw in more great stuff into the mix, and it would not be too hard to do considering how Final Fantasy has a quarter of a century’s worth of history to draw from.

It is said that adventurers are able to take on the Crystal Tower (Final Fantasy 3) raid dungeon, dance toe-to-toe (battle, actually) with classic summons including Ifrit, Titan, and Leviathan, ride magitek armor such as in Final Fantasy VI. Of course, you can also expect the due amount of moogles and chocobos to boot, and your trusty steed will not run away at the sight of battle, but rather, will revel in it, apart from being dressed up in neat costumes. Other patches down the road will see the introduction of series mainstay Gilgamesh, in addition to the fun and excitement of the Gold Saucer. Have you signed up for the beta version yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

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