Google’s Chromebooks have been slowly increasing in popularity over the years as a number of big name companies are announcing their own Chromebook on a semi-regular basis as well as schools adopting them more and more. But if what is being featured in the following video turns out to be true, it could mean a much more sophisticated Chromebook may be on the way.

Developer Francois Beaufort published a video of a Chromebook new called Chromebook Pixel. Chromebook Pixel features a full touchscreen display, runs at a pixel resolution of 2560 x 1700 and is said to be undergoing testing at Google HQ. The new Chromebook seems to be completely designed by Google as the tagline in the video says, “Designed by Google. Down to the last pixel.”

The origins of the video seem to come from a company called, whose CEO Victor Koch recently announced on his Google+ profile the company’s servers were hacked, with the attackers making off with a number of videos from projects has been working on. The videos made their way to YouTube, which were then taken down, although a copy of the video is still available on Android Authority’s DailyMotion account.

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