Assuming you are one of the early adopters of the HTC M7, and one of your mates ask you over dinner to have a look at your device, while throwing in the question, “Just how many megapixels does this bad boy have?”, you can squarely look at the person in the eye and say nonchalantly, “None.”

Watch his or her jaw drop with a question mark appearing right above the head, before you proceed to share with your mate on how megapixels will soon go the way of the dodo, and ultrapixels are here to stay. Basically, it is said that the upcoming HTC M7 that will be announced later this February 19th will not feature a single 13-megapixel camera sensor, but rather, it will sport a trio of different 4.3-megapixel sensor ‘layers’.

The whole idea behind this is for you to snap higher quality images, where the qualities affected would be crisper and clearer images, with a higher level of color accuracy to boot. Expect HTC to go heavy with ultrapixels as the main advertising point when the HTC M7 is released.

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