It seems that Nokia has been enjoying the number one position for a while with regards to global mobile internet usage. It’s not surprising given that the Finnish company has a wide range of devices already out in the market ranging from feature phones with basic GPRS internet capabilities, to smartphones like the high-end Lumia 920. However it looks like Nokia’s reign could be over as web analytics firm StatCounter has revealed the stats for the month of January 2013 which showed that iPhone users stole the number one spot for mobile internet usage.

This is rather interesting as according to the stats, Apple actually lost some market share, 2.81% to be exact compared to January 2012, but in this case Nokia lost an even bigger chunk of 15.52%, allowing Apple to beat them despite losing market share as well. Coming in second is actually Samsung sitting at 22.69% (Nokia is at 22.15% while Apple is at 25.86%) who actually saw an increase of 7.85%. It should be noted that StatCounter did not account for iPads under their definition of mobile devices, so we expect that Apple’s numbers could actually be larger. Then again Nokia did beat Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 on Finland’s largest carrier, so we guess there’s some consolation to be had.

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