It is a clear (albeit sad) fact that smartphones which run on Windows Phone 7.x at this point in time, will not be getting an upgrade to boost the operating system to the far more current (and cooler) Windows Phone 8. You know what they say, what goes around comes around, but the karma police are not going to come knocking on Windows Phone 8’s door anytime soon as Microsoft has promised that devices which run on Windows Phone 8 right out of the box will be able to be upgraded to the next version of the operating system, whatever that is, and whenever that would be.


This eligibility for future upgrades will definitely be good news, although it remains to be seen whether the next version of the Android operating system will be known as Windows Phone 9 or not remains to be seen. It does lead one to wonder though, most of us do make an upgrade to our mobile devices yearly, or once every two years when our current contract is up. Would we still keep Windows Phone 8 phones by the time new handsets roll out with Windows Phone 9 in tow?

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