If you’re planning on picking up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and playing them with your friends overseas, prepare to be disappointed as Capcom has since confirmed that the game will feature region locked multiplayer servers. As expected many gamers responded to the statement negatively, expressing their disappointment and frustration at Capcom’s decision. Capcom has not provided a reason why the servers will be region locked, but based on reasons other developers have given in the past, one of the reasons developers region lock could be due to possible lag or server overload. For example gamers in Asia would probably prefer a server located in Asia due to proximity which could reduce lag versus playing on a European or American server.


There are also issues of language barrier where players speaking different languages could end up getting pretty messy and confusing (imagine gamers typing out in Mandarin, Korea, Japanese, English, Russian at the same time). However this is ultimately the player’s decision as to which server they want to play on, and obviously if they find that the lag is unbearable they can always have the option of switching back, but with region locking this will not be possible. Either way hopefully Capcom will come forward with a reason regarding their decision, but in the meantime what do you guys think? Are you bummed that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be region locked for multiplayer?

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