It looks like Nintendo could be in trouble over the creation of their handheld console, the 3DS. According to a report by Reuters, the 3D technology used in the console is a patent that was developed by Seijiro Tomita which basically removed the need for 3D glasses while using the console. Apparently Nintendo used Tomita’s patent without asking for his permission, nor have they bothered to credit or compensate him since. While Tomita might hold the patent to said technology, Nintendo’s argument is that their 3DS consoles don’t actually use key aspects of his patent which is why they did not see the need to credit or compensate him.

Tomita’s lawyer claims that Nintendo met up with Tominta back in 2003 along with other inventors who showed off similar 3D technology, but it seems that Nintendo ultimately went with Sharp Corp. Tomita however believes that despite Nintendo claiming to have gone with Sharp, the technology used in the 3DS is similar to that of the prototype he showed to the company back in 2003. He is currently seeking damages and if successful, he could be awarded $9.80 for ever 3DS console sold to date.

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