Sceptre had more or less manage to tread the middle ground successfully when it comes to home entertainment systems, offering decent performance which sometimes is on par with devices in the higher end range, without breaking the bank. I guess they have managed to do so again with the Sceptre SB301523 Speaker Sound Bar 2.1, where this all-in-one solution will be equipped with a built-in subwoofer, targeting folks who are on a tight budget and yet want a dynamic home audio experience without having to sacrifice either space or design.

The Speaker SB301523 Sound Bar 2.1 will come with surround sound capability that is pumped through dual 20 Watt speakers and an integrated 40 Watt subwoofer. Other than that, you will find integrated technologies including High Efficiency Amplifier, SRS WOW audio and sculpted bass response to complete the (audio) picture. This unique device does away with the need for pesky wires and a separate subwoofer, where it will sit comfortably in front of any HDTV without looking out of place, thanks to its elegant design. Sceptre claims that it is perfect for HDTVs that are no larger than 40-inches in size, and you can pick it up for $159.99 a pop now. [Press Release]

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