home-chairYou know how you pay good money to enter a theme park and queue up for hours on end to sit through all of the rides that are on offer? I am quite sure some of us have taken 4D rides before, such as Shrek’s adventure at Universal Studios Singapore, where water sprays as well as air vents that blow wind help make the entire 3D viewing experience all the more realistic, hence the addition of the fourth dimension. Of course, the fact that the very chairs you say on could rock also goes to say something. Don’t you wish you had something similar at home? The folks over at RedSeat Entertainment will announce this September 24th, the Tremor FX Home launch.

The Tremor FX Home happens to be a dynamic home theater system which is capable of incorporating seat vibrations into movies, video games and other forms of entertainment.This particular system will eventually be made available to those who want to enjoy a better home theater experience through the vibrating and pulsating after taking into consideration the film’s individual soundtrack. I am quite sure that something like this is definitely not going to be cheap, but it ought to make you pretty popular among your family and friends when they come over.

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