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The countdown to Sony’s big event in New York City is officially underway as we’re about eight hours away from learning what the company has to show the press as well as the world through their live stream. We’re of course expecting Sony to officially unveil the PlayStation 4 this evening, but what we didn’t anticipate were additional unveilings of next-generation games as we thought Sony would have its plate full detailing the PlayStation 4.

The word around the ‘net seems to be EA is expected to unveil Battlefield 4 at tonight’s Sony press event. Just yesterday, GameStop’s CEO tweeted a message out through the company’s official Twitter profile saying he saw Battlefield 4 “and all I can say is WOW!” Hopefully that means Battlefield 4 is also in New York City and will make its big entrance during tonight’s event.

Considering a console is only as good as the games that are created for it, we think it would be safe to assume Sony would not only unveil the PlayStation 4 this evening, but also give some teases for its games. Either way, we can sense your excitement for tonight’s Sony event and we’ll be reporting from the scene to deliver all the information you’ve been dying to hear.

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