Major smartphone operating system updates seem to be released on a yearly cycle, but it looks like as far as Windows Phone is concerned, its major update for this year could possibly be delayed until 2014.  This is according to Mary Jo Foley of the Microsoft Show where it was suggested that the Windows Phone Blue update could be delayed until next year. For those who haven’t been following the news, the Blue update is not just for Windows Phone, but for Windows 8 devices as well and would have introduced improved apps such as Excel which would play nicer with touchscreen devices. While it is unconfirmed, some speculate that Blue could also be the update in which Microsoft unifies the API for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

Supposedly the team behind the Windows Phone Blue update is falling behind the desktop team which might explain the delay, but apart from that there were no specifics shared. While it does sound a bit troubling that Microsoft could potentially delay such a major update for its Windows Phone platform, it could merely be a rumor and highly unlikely. After all with the major improvements and changes that Apple and Google make to iOS and Android each year, failing to upgrade Windows Phone would cause Microsoft to fall further behind the mobile industry.

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