Change is good, as it helps keep a particular company or organization on its toes, in addition to keeping up with the times. Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer (as depicted above) is certainly no stranger to change ever since she took over in 2012, and her latest organizational change would be to ban employees from working at home. An internal memo that was leaked out touted that all employees should show up at Yahoo’s facilities (sounds like the Umbrella Corporation, this) from June onwards, and it does not matter whether you work from home full time, or just for a day or two each week – this ban is a blanket one.

The memo was allegedly sent by Yahoo’s head of HR, Jackie Reses, where it stated that Yahoo’s employees were required “to be working side-by-side” because of the importance of communication and collaboration in new initiatives. Yahoo’s overseas offices will also be affected. Does this seem to be a step backward, considering that working from home seems to be a “benefit” in other companies? Only time will tell.

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