BlackBerry, the company once known as Research In Motion, has just announced that they have received a cool 1 million order of BlackBerry 10 devices from an unnamed partner, making this the largest order in their history to date. This is definitely news that will boost the flagging spirits of those over at the ailing smartphone company, where they have seen their market share plummet drastically over the past few years, with the recently introduced BlackBerry 10 platform as well as a couple of devices touted to be the company’s last chance saloon – succeed, and they will live to fight for another day, fail, and it would be curtains.

It is said that shipments for the 1 million BlackBerry 10 devices are touted to start immediately, and does anyone out there want to warrant a guess as to which party is bold enough to throw their lot behind BlackBerry this time around, with such a huge amount to boot? Is it a wireless carrier here, or some company that has decided to revamp their entire communications structure? Hopefully time will tell, so stay tuned.

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