Ever heard of Defense Distributed before? No? Neither have we, and it is interesting to know that Defense Distributed is actually a project for open-sourced 3D-printable guns, and the “project” has actually picked up a federal license that allows them to not only manufacture, but to sell firearms as well. According to Defense Distributed’s Facebook page, they announced last Saturday alongside an image of the license and a caption that says, “The work begins!”

Thanks to the nod of approval from the U.S. Government, Defense Distributed head Cory Wilson is now a free man to make money by selling and transporting the pieces that they have been rolling out from their production lines, but of course, as part of the deal, the onus is on them to keep records of all production and transactions. Defense Distributed is said to be a nonprofit organization, and has already churned out prototypes over the past few months, where among them include the most recent: a 3D-printed semi-automatic which is capable of spitting out over 600 rounds. Does this mean firearms are now easier to obtain with a 3D printer?

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