The world of 3D printing has definitely advanced to such a stage where you can even send a base file over to a 3D printing vending machine such as the Dreambox, and have it churn out your 3D printed item of choice shortly afterwards. Well, 3D printing technology will also have a role in replacing 75% of a patient’s skull after receiving the approval of U.S. regulators. It is said that the 3D-printed implant which you see above is capable of replacing the bone in people’s skulls that have been damaged by disease or trauma, at least this is what Oxford Performance Materials shared.

In fact, Oxford Performance Materials has already started to sell 3D-printed implants overseas as a contract manufacturer, although the FDA’s approval would also mean they have another huge market to jump into, as US operations can start to make use of the implants. It is said that around 300 to 500 patients in the US are able to make use of skull bone replacements each month, ranging from patients with people who have cancerous bone in their skulls, in addition to car accident victims and US military members who suffer from head trauma.

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