Remember the other day when it was reported that a 5-year old boy in the UK managed to rack up over $2,500 worth of in-app purchases? His case is definitely not the first nor will it be the last, but it looks like Apple is beginning to take it seriously and could be looking at refunding over 23 million iTunes users for amounts over $30. According to a report from CNET, Apple will be sending out notices to over 23 million iTunes users who could have been affected by the in-app purchasing system that basically made it possible to accidentally rack up hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of purchases.

We’re sure that there are many cases out there and there probably have been some who while might have been annoyed at the purchases, but didn’t see the point of going to the trouble to report it, especially since some amounts might only be worth a few dollars as opposed to $2,500 in our previously reported case. Now there are some conditions that have to be met in order for users to make their claims. For starters the purchases need to be made by a minor without consent of their guardian, and that only some apps will be taken into consideration.

Those affected will also need to fill in a form to state which apps were used that made those charges. This seems to be quite troublesome, especially since some might not remember which app was it, or might not have kept the receipts of their purchases. This concern was raised by US District Court Judge, Edward Davila, but in response Apple pointed out that the entire purchase history can be viewed via their iTunes account, but the Cupertino company stated that they will be adding a special tool in the settlement page that will help make the process easier.

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