Researchers and medical professionals have been attempting to find the cure for cancer for countless years, with their efforts resulting in an increased survival rate in recent years, but no real cure for the terrible disease is currently available. The American Society of Clinical Oncologists are announcing a new system that may help drastically speed up the process of finding a cure.

ASCO has completed a prototype called CancerLinQ, which is a learning health system that can collect and analyze cancer care data from millions of patients’ charts from around the country. Doctors currently only have access to three percent of the clinical trial data of the 1.6 million patients diagnosed with cancer every year. ASCO’s hope is for its CancerLinQ system to help doctors learn about treatments used on the majority of people diagnosed with cancer as previously patients’ records were “locked way in unconnected servers and paper files.”

ASCO hopes to roll out CancerLinQ to its full potential in 12 to 18 months to doctors, although the group is currently making just 100,000 records of breast cancer patients available through the prototype service with plans to expand it to include all cancer patients in the country.

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