Changing your music preference based on your current mood can challenge most people as you never know what kind of song would best fit your mood. Do you play Lady Gaga while giving birth? Would Black Sabbath be appropriate at a funeral? There are so many questions as to what song would be the best to play at certain times, and Nuerowear is introducing headphones that can help you make the right selection automatically.


Neurowear’s Mico is a pair of headphones that are completely controlled by your brainwaves. The Mico connects to your iPhone through Bluetooth to select songs that have been neuro-tagged using a specific music application. Altogether, the included app only has 100 tracks to choose from, although we’re sure each song has been chosen for specific moods, although if you feel a current song doesn’t fit your mood, you can shake your iPhone to change songs.

The Neurowear Mico doesn’t have a price or official release date, but hopefully the company can start cranking them out so I can listen to the blues when I’m feeling blue.

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