At first glance, the title might sound to be an oxymoron of sorts. After all, if your cellphone is already low on power, why bother to use up more energy by sending a text message? Perhaps an explanation is in order. In a nutshell, folks who live off-grid are now able to pay for electricity to charge up their handsets through the simple act of sending a text message, and this was discovered to be the most affordable method to date. This is made possible via a solar-powered cellphone charging station which can only be activated not by a fingerprint or a retina scan, but rather, through a text message.


The amount of phones that can be charged depends on the local electricity supply, and London-based company Buffalo Grid wants to help out in this situation with this portable charging station. In Uganda, to juice up your cellphone can cost you around $0.20 after conversion, a huge amount for those who earn less than a dollar each day. This 60-watt solar panel will definitely be the more affordable option, not to mention greener, too, and sending a text message is definitely a novel idea. I am quite sure that you will not see this idea take off in first world countries.

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