Continental has been stepping up its line of products as it already delivers tires which are equipped with a sensor that tells the user just how much air pressure is currently in the tire. It looks like they’re taking their tire tech one step further with a new sensor that can calculate and report the current load weight of your vehicle to help drivers keep from accidentally exceeding the suggested capacity.

The way the tires work is by recognizing how much weight is on them from how much of its surface area is touching the ground, which is known as the contact patch. The sensors detect the size of the contact patch and determines whether or not your vehicle has been overloaded. This sensor can certainly be helpful for SUV owners as their vehicles are often overloaded due to their size, and are top-heavy, which means the combination of an overloaded vehicle and a sharp turn can turn tragic very quickly.

Continental has yet to say when exactly we could expect their new tires to be made available for consumers, although we’re hoping it’ll be in time for the busy Holiday season since that’s one of the few times we probably overload our vehicles with newly-purchased goodies for our friends and family.

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