Driving in the middle of the night can already pose enough of a challenge to navigate through as a number of people aren’t even supposed to be driving due to the limited visibility. Driving while a car as large as a yacht behind you with its high beams on can make it even more challenging, but a new car feature will be introduced at next week’s Geneva Motor Show that could make the use of high beams less of a distraction for drivers in front of your vehicle.


Volvo will be introducing its Active High Beam Control which installs a mechanical system in a vehicle’s headlamps that has the ability to block your light from distracting oncoming traffic or cars in front of you.

The way the Active High Beam Control works is through a camera which is already installed in Volvo’s rear-view mirror for its detection and auto-braking system. The camera can detect other vehicles and calculate the area that should be shaded within a 1.5-degree margin. Once the system tags a vehicle that should be shaded, tiny metallic cylinders cover the light to shade the appropriate area.

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