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Continental Introduces Tires That Warn You Of Vehicle Overloading
Continental has been stepping up its line of products as it already delivers tires which are equipped with a sensor that tells the user just how much air pressure is currently in the tire. It looks like they’re taking their tire tech one step further with a new sensor that can calculate and report the current load weight of your vehicle to help drivers keep from accidentally exceeding the suggested […]

Volvo Introducing High Beams That Shade Light To Other Vehicles
Driving in the middle of the night can already pose enough of a challenge to navigate through as a number of people aren’t even supposed to be driving due to the limited visibility. Driving while a car as large as a yacht behind you with its high beams on can make it even more challenging, but a new car feature will be introduced at next week’s Geneva Motor Show that […]

Cambridge Crude: liquid electricity
While electric vehicles (EVs) are slated to be the vehicles of the future, a number of factors are holding people back from switching over from regular vehicles right now. EVs have a lower driving range, extremely slow recharge speeds and there aren’t enough charging stations around when compared to regular gasoline-fueled vehicles. Well it looks like it won’t be for too long; researchers from MIT have developed a new battery […]

Ford Evos: Cloud Connected Car
Ford has announced the Ford Evos, a Hybrid sedan concept car that is constantly connected to the cloud. While it is only a concept at the moment, it is -mostly- based on ideas and technologies that can be achievable in the near-future. For instance, having a constant connection between the car and the Internet is merely a cost issue, not a technological one.In Ford’s vision, the Evos knows everything about […]


NAU's Futuristic Ecco Camper Concept
Are you a fan of camping, or driving about in an RV? Well if you are, or even if you’re not a fan, this concept mobile camper designed by NAU should still be able to catch your eye, and perk your interests at the very least. The Ecco Camper, as it’s called, is environmentally friendly, as implied by its name. The roof of the Ecco Camper is integrated with solar […]

Lubricheck makes sure you change your engine oil on time
When it comes to cars, technology has certainly improved by leaps and bounds, letting you change the engine oil at intervals that are far longer than what it used to be. For older vehicles, generally 3 months or 5,000km (whichever comes first) is a rule of thumb, but with synthetic engine oil and better engines, those figures have been skewed. Sometimes, we might feel that it is better to change […]

Battery Replacement stations available now in Israel
One of the major annoyances that we face while driving green vehicles that run on electricity is the long time it takes to get those batteries recharged. Especially when you’re in a rush and you can’t afford to wait around for an hour to get your car charged, you’re basically in trouble if your car doesn’t run on a secondary fuel (like the Nissan LEAF). Well, thanks to an Israeli […]

A car has feelings too, you know
Man and machine merging into a powerful unit, working in cohesion and perfect harmony has long been the dream of many a person, and what you see above could very well be the prelude to something better. Researchers from the Tsukuba University in Japan are currently working on a car that has facial expressions – yeah, we can’t believe it either. This vehicle is capable of picking up your driving […]

BoostApak lets your kid carry his own load
You know that when it comes to safety of your offspring, you would spare no expense. Hence, booster seats in your vehicle are a must, since it helps buckle up your little ones safe and sound during a long journey. How about letting them carry their own load instead when they arrive at their destination? This is made possible thanks to the BoostApak, since it comes with a hard plastic […]

Mini jumps aboard connected bandwagon
Mini is all set to roll out a new system known as Mini Connected at the Geneva Motor Show, where it is touted to offer “a newly developed USB interface whose unique functionality allows maximum integration of the iPhone into the in-car audio and infotainment system.” We can’t wait but see such entertainment integration being made in other vehicles of the future, and will certainly look forward to this new […]

Electronic Key Impressioner
Looks like aren’t all as cut out to be – not if Steve Randall and Ted Schwarzkopf have their way with their Electronic Key Impressioner. This device ought to be able to create a replacement car key without the need for its ID code, and this is news which would definitely prick the ears of locksmiths as well as those who want to steal cars. All you need to do […]