Techland’s Dead Island was one of those underground hits that many people didn’t expect it to play as well as it did, and because of its success, the game will be getting a sequel called Dead Island: Riptide.

A new gameplay trailer called “They Thought Wrong” was released for Dead Island: Riptide that tells how it will link with the original game. In the trailer, we learn the original characters were rescued from Banoi at the end of the Dead Island, which we’re sure you already knew if you played through the game. Their “rescue” isn’t what they thought it would be as they’re immediately brought onto a military ship and placed under arrest.

While they’re being withheld, the survivors meet a soldier who is part of large humanitarian search and rescue operation. The trailer then describes how exactly the virus was released once again, which we’re sure is what you’ll be fighting against in Dead Island: Riptide. Unfortunately for the survivors, they land on a completely new island that is on the verge of being nuked.

And you thought you were having a rough day.

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