Ever since Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 released, Deep Silver and Volition’s Saints Row 4 has taken an undeserved backseat in the hearts and minds of open world video game lovers. If you’ve completely forgotten Saints Row 4 has ever existed, a new mod allowing you to play the game in a first-person perspective may have you firing the game back up.

The mod is currently in its alpha stages, but as you can see from the demo reel posted, the modders took the third-person view we’ve all come to know so well in the game, and completely transformed it into a first-person view. Since the mod is currently in its alpha stage, it isn’t completely rid of any issues, such as having the head of the boss show up at times when running or jumping. The mod creators offer some suggestions for those of you who want to check out the mod for yourself to help make its experience a little less buggy.

If you want to check out Saints Row 4 in a first-person view, head on over to the Saints Row forums so you can experience the game in an all-new perspective. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy beating the snot out of random citizens in a first-person view. We know we will.

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