We’ve been keeping an eye on Volition and Deep Silver’s Saints Row 4 ever since it was announced to be released on August 20. Since then, we’ve seen a crazy pre-order bonus, an even crazier $1 million dollar special edition and another pre-order bonus that allows you to play as some iconic U.S. presidents. August 20 is upon us, which means Saints Row 4 is now available at your video game retailer of choice.

Volition and Deep Silver have released a new launch trailer that not only highlights much of the insanity you’re going to experience in the game, but they also highlight a number of accolades the game has received as well as takes a jab at Australia for banning the game in their country.

I’ve had been playing Saints Row 4 over the past week and I must say that I’m extremely impressed by the game so far. As you would expect from an open-world sandbox game, there’s a ton of stuff to do, and it’s story is completely outrageous as well as some of the powers the main character will acquire as you progress through the game. With just a few weeks until Grand Theft Auto V is released, Saints Row 4 will definitely keep you busy until it’s released. We wouldn’t blame you though if you waited to finish Saints Row 4 before diving into Grand Theft Auto V.

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