Saints Row 4 will be released on August 20, and so far, we’ve seen two interesting pre-order bonuses, especially its $1 million dollar special edition dubbed “The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition.” It looks like the crazy pre-order bonuses don’t end there as a new GameStop pre-order bonus for the title allows you to play as either President Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

The Saints Row 4’s Presidential Pack is an exclusive DLC pack will be given to those who pick up their pre-order within 48 hours of the game’s August 20 release date. The reason for the inclusion of these four famous presidential figures is the fact that you play as a President of the United States in the upcoming game. Tying in character skins of actual presidential figures is an added bonus, and one we’re sure many Saints Row 4 fans would love to play.

As you can see from the image Deep Silver included with their news of the Gamestop-excluisve pre-order bonuses, the four presidents have an exaggerated cartoonish look to them, with good ole Abe Lincoln wearing his iconic stovepipe hat. There’s no word if or when the Presidential Pack will be made available in the future, although we’d love a chance to play as one of these four presidents while causing mayhem and havoc in Saints Row 4.

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