Detroit Electric, a company that has an eye (or rather, both eyes) cast deep into the future, has just announced that they intend to come up with a working battery-powered sports car this coming August. Yes sir, apparently, they will be able to roll out up to 2,500 sports cars within the time span of a year in Michigan, although there was no further zooming in on just which part of Michigan would that be. The modern Detroit Electric was founded in 2008 by a former Lotus executive, where they intend to create 180 sales and manufacturing-related jobs in the coming year, too.


All of it is pretty much on paper at this point in time, since specifics such as the planned sports car’s price, range, power or other details have remained as a secret. Of course, we do not doubt that plenty of attention would be given to ensure that a stunning design will dress the final product, in addition to offering both performance and comfort that makes it practical enough to warrant a purchase.

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