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Digg iOS App Updated With Digg Video Support
Digg announced its latest service, Digg Video, last week that would help bring all of the most viral videos on the Internet into one easy-to-find location. Users of Digg’s iOS application will now be able to get in on the Digg Video goodness as the company has released an update that now supports their latest service.

Digg Video Gathers The Most Viral Internet Videos Into One Location
Digg has been trying to make a comeback for quite some time as the once popular news aggregator certainly pales in comparison to sites like Reddit or StumbleUpon. But the website is rolling out a new video service, called Digg Video, that the site is hoping will put them back in the hearts and minds of those who enjoy a good news aggregator, especially if they’re looking for viral videos.

Digg Reader For Android Launched
It has been a couple of months since Digg launched its RSS reader for iOS. They’ve finally launched it for Android today. The app is now live and available for download. It will display the latest stories from Digg’s homepage as well as Digg Reader. A few features such as “Show Only Unread Items” view, text size, background updating and display mode options are currently missing. Digg says that they’re still […]

Digg Reader Available On iOS Through Digg App Update
Digg Reader is now available on iOS through an update to Digg's official application.


Digg Reader Launches In Beta
Digg Reader launched today in beta and will begin to send out more invites in the coming days.

Digg Reader Version 1 Launches On June 26th
Digg Reader version 1 will be launching next week, with everyone getting access to it by June 26th. Digg has revealed various features that this free Google Reader alternative will bring.

Digg Reader Announced To Be Digg's Official Google Reader Replacement
Digg announced its Google Reader alternative will be called Digg Reader.

Digg RSS Google Reader Alternative Beta Launch In June
Google Reader will unfortunately be shutting down in July, despite the fact that it still maintains a loyal following. When the news broke out, Reader users started looking for alternatives. There were many, and the once mighty Digg threw its hat in the ring as well. The folks at Digg said that they want to rebuild the best Reader features, which includes its API. Digg then unveiled several key points that […]

Digg Reveals Key Points To Makes Its RSS Reader As Good As Google Reader
Earlier this month, Google announced it would be discontinuing its Google Reader service with a petition on reaching over 100,000 in hopes Google would change its mind. As a result, a number of companies are scrambling to provide their own Google Reader replacement, with once popular news aggregator website, Digg, gaining the most attention.Digg didn’t reveal any details at the time as to what it plans to do exactly, but today, […]

Digg Wants To Create Own RSS Reader
The news of Google Reader calling it a day in a few months’ time certainly proved to be quite a shock to those who did not expect such an announcement, and since then, other companies would love to take up the mantle and possibly, mindshare of those soon-to-be orphaned Google Reader users. In fact, the folks over at Digg have stepped forward with belief that Google Reader is worth saving, […]

New Digg launched
Digg – the website that made plenty of waves many years ago, but then suffered a huge decline (to the ignomity of being sold for just $500,000), is back just like Arnold. Betaworks acquired Digg around one and a half months ago, where this revamped Digg website and iPhone app have rolled out – a day ahead of schedule, to boot. Current Digg CEO John Borthwick did mention to the […]

Digg on sale for $500,000
How the mighty have fallen – Digg, one of the pioneers in social media which was valued at over $160 million in the past, is now selling for approximately $500,000 – which is far less than 0.5% of its lofty peak valuation. Three persons who are familiar with the deal claim that New York technology development firm Betaworks is the buyer. The reason for purchasing Digg? To make an attempt […]

Washington Post on the verge of buying Digg?
 Another phase awaits for the popular news aggregator Digg. It appears that Digg is not done yet. The Washington Post is rumored to be on the verge of hiring the tech team of Digg, if not buying the entire company. Unfortunately, the publisher’s move is yet to be revealed. There have been reports that Digg’s tech team will be working on the publisher’s Social Reader Facebook app.Digg started in 2004 […]